Bucket List

Short term

Write Great Content for the website

Publish Children’s Book

Take an online drawing class

Take guitar lessons with my son

Brush up my digital photography skills, ok truly learn photography

Write an essay for My-Father.net project

Complete all articles planned for this site

Start recording podcasts

Plan for Webinars


Long term

Relearn Spanish to be conversational

Become Fluent in French and Italian

Buy a house somewhere/anywhere

Write a cookbook with friend and health coach Marcy

Take painting classes: oil and watercolor

Teach my children (among many other things) how to become entrepreneurs so they can do anything

Spend lots of quality time with family


Travel: Countries and Cities to visit


Sri Lanka


Costa Rica




South Island of New Zealand

Milan and Lake Como



Hong Kong

Visit as many places as possible


For Fun

Record and Release a Song (open source)

Learn to Film a Documentary and then Do it!

Attend the Oscars along with before and after parties Dressed to the 9’s (Perhaps after being nominated for my documentary)

Help facilitate son becoming a “Rock Star” so he can buy all the legos he wants