Fall Fashion 2010

I used to love fashion.

Still Do.  Ask my friends.  Many would say I’m fashionable.  But, I have my days and am thankful everyday paparazzi don’t follow me around as I am certain I would have been featured on the “Fashion Don’ts” seen in many magazines at some point.

But isn’t that what makes great fashion, experimenting from time to time?  When you experiment, occasionally you make mistakes.

If I had to classify my fashion style, I would have to say Edgy Classic or Classy Chic.   I like Jackie O’s look and can dress completely this conservative. But mostly, I like to add a piece or two that makes the whole outfit look just a bit more hip.  And when I speak of style, it is when I dress for work or when I go out.  I can’t seem to manage this for the casual dressing for school runs. Or at least I feel like I can’t.

I have to admit, I don’t buy many designer pieces now.  Even in the past when we were DINKS (Double Income No Kids), I would invest in one great bag periodically and one great pair of shoes a year. I just buy well, look for the bargains and follow prices. I love to follow the trends as you can create a similar “look” with a smaller price tag.

For the fall there are several looks that were seen on the runways in New York: Chic Urban Warrior, Conservative Glamour, Eccentric Ladlylike, Great Outdoors and Bohemian Rhapsody.  The first two I could see easily wearing. Amongst the trends expect to see: cut out clothing, capes (yes, they are back from last fall/winter), sheer clothing, neo double breasted jackets, velvet, camel coats (love these!), white tights, knee hi socks, leather, military, and lingerie as outer wear.  I could see wearing some of the trends: capes, camel coats, leather and military but never some of them particularly knee hi socks unless I was 5’10” and in my 20’s.

I thought I would experiment with one of the looks.  What do you think?  Don’t look at the price tag it is the look I was after. Enjoy the look and the Fall Fashion Season!

Chic Urban Warrior

Chic Urban Warrior by expatdoctormom featuring oversized sunglasses

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