In need of something to spice things up? Here is the answer: Hanky Panky!

Last year this month, I was living apart from my husband (when his job fell through in the US) with my children.  He was slated to come to visit and to interview.  I wanted to spice things up and then realized, spice them up?  How am I going to do that?  With my granny panties! Shock horror, the inevitable had happened.  It must have been when I wasn’t looking!  Admit it, everyone has granny panties!  Now mine seemed to have overtaken my underwear drawer and replaced my sexy underwear.  I do most of my shopping in the USA as I am not thrilled about the fashion or “underfashion” in Doha.  But, it is hard to bring back every last item you want and or need in your luggage once a year.  Sure, I had been to La Senza here in Doha, their underwear were ok.  And I had been to the higher end department stores but didn’t feel the need to spend a fortune on underwear. So, I had resorted to buying underwear from Marks & Spencer in very basic colors: nude, white and black.  Doesn’t it count that they were at least bikini style?

As the time neared his visit, I asked a friend for a recommendation on some “sexy” underwear.  Hands down she recommended the “Hanky Panky” brand.   I made a mental note and was soon off to the mall.   She told me they were sold at Nordstrom, a well known but pricier department store.  When I arrived to the lingerie department, they were the prettiest & sexiest (but classy) underwear in the store!

Told you they are pretty!

Not only were they pretty to look at but, they fit well too.  They are made of a stretch lace material.  What a novel idea: stretch lace.  No more scratchy lace!  The majority is made thong style but there is a bikini style as well. The thongs come in low, mid and original rise.  I prefer the original rise but you young things may like the low rise if you wear the low slung jeans. What you have to understand is that the back side does not resemble a piece of dental floss but is a bit wider and hence the comfort.  I was reluctant to own only thongs so I bought some of the bikini style also.   I have to admit, I was made a bit dizzy by the  price($18-$22 USD each) convincing myself that my husband wouldn’t mind they were after all for him.

That was a year ago and I couldn’t imagine wearing another brand of underwear.  And with a little research have found them for quite a bit cheaper: online on Amazon (74.9USD  for 5 pairs or 14.98 each Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original Rise Thong 5-Pack Panty), and at Nordstrom Rack. The cheapest price I found was at the Nordstrom ½ yearly sale(between 11and 12 USD per pair). They are so comfortable you can wear them to bed. Yes, you heard right, a thong you can wear to bed! They are supposed to be hand washed.  Not ideal.  But if you live anywhere but Doha (meaning your cold water for washing is not scorching hot and is not desalinated), you could probably use the delicate cycle on the newer washing machines without a problem.  And given the choice, I would only buy the thong style as there really is no need for the bikini style.  It doesn’t creep where it isn’t supposed to and no more granny panties! Now my sister in law and mother in law can stop buying me lace under garments for Christmas! It was as if they knew about my knicker dilemma all along.  And truth be told, I don’t think my husband even noticed the Hanky Panky’s or maybe he did!  But, I feel better being able to have a little “spice” on under my clothes at all times!

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7 Comments to In need of something to spice things up? Here is the answer: Hanky Panky!
    • Nikki Newman
    • Love this post, Rajka! Meant to comment the other day when I first read it. I’m sure many women can identify with it! I love the sound of these – shall track some down I think, bored of the ‘boy shorts’ style now, time for a change. Keep writing your fabulous posts :-)

    • Maria Courtney
    • I find it hard to believe that you even owned granny panties! Nothing but thongs for me! People don’t believe me when I say they are the most comfy things! Oh, and the bra & panties MUST match, LOL.

    • Angela Musial Fay
    • I can’t sleep so I started to read your blog. My sister-in-law told me about these last year. I am going to check these out. A comfortable thong? Yeah. I have to admit I actually keep a few of my MiMi Maternity pairs because they were so comfortable. Maybe the Hanky Pankies will allow me to “get a life!”

    • Rajka
    • How funny, I wore my Gap maternity thongs forever. Still have a couple pairs as they were the most comfortable until now!

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