Off the beaten path: Globe Arizona

If you are looking for something to do that is off the beaten path outside of Phoenix, have a look at Globe located approximately 87 miles east.  I had the chance to spend some time there recently while doing some clinical work.  Globe has a population of 7532 and sits at an elevation of 3500 feet making it a bit cooler than Phoenix.  The above photo was taken driving to Globe as I entered the Tonto National forest on route 60 East.

Out and About in Town

The quaint downtown area has a movie theater. Have a look. And as you would imagine in a small town; a handful of shops including multiple antique shops.  I happened to be in need of a computer repair shop and stopped to inquire at one only to notice the cutest boutique located right next door: Simply Sarah’s.  I had to go inside.  It was so inviting.  The clothes offered were widely colored however included a large selection of black and white, my staples! In addition there were other interesting items from scarves to jewelry to jars of gourmet food, cookbooks etc.  Immediately it reminded me of one of my BFF’s (“Brennie”). And I couldn’t help but think how she would have enjoyed poking around the shop with me.  I lingered as it brought back memories of all our fun times together.

Sarah was a delight to talk to and I was pleased I returned later to ask her the essentials: where to go for hair and nails!  So fortunate she sent me to Utopia as Adrienne was a natural hair stylist.  Love when you can find someone like this.  If Adrienne only lived closer. Sarah also gave recommendations for hikes and referred me to the Globe Miami Times for upcoming events.  Sarah is exactly who you would imagine would own such a quaint boutique; interesting and unique!


I picked up a white top and this lovely silver scarf. Pretty cute, huh?


If you like antique shops, there are a plethora of them in Globe.  One that caught my eye was the Pickle Barrel Trading Post. Loved the metal sculptures, glass bottles and “words”.  They also carry jewelry, moccasins, Indian dolls and real scorpion lollipops.  I forewent the later and bought a small scorpion encased in plastic for my son.

Here are examples of fare sold at the Pickle Barrel:

Here is just one of the metal sculptures that I adored:

And then there were these gorgeous little bottles, if only I could transport them..

Places to Eat in Globe, AZ


Vida E cafe made a great latte as well as served fresh baked goods, Panini’s and salads.  For dinner fare, head over to Copper Bistro on Route 60.  A family run restaurant run by the chef husband.  It is only open Tues-Sat for lunch (11-2) and dinner (5-8).  Try a  burger, delish as they used chopped steak or the tilapia top with shrimp and cream sauce, yum!


A look at the Copper Bistro.






Outdoor Fun


On the way to Globe from Phoenix, stop off at Picket Post Trail. If it is the summer, start early as it will get hot. The trail is just as you enter Tonto National Forest. A colleague told me that it is an aggressive hike, around 4hours and 4 miles roundtrip.

For a casual drive head out on 60 East towards Show Low.  You will drive through the Salt River Canyon, nicknamed the “mini Grand Canyon” and pictured above. Enjoy the breath taking views, multiple pull off points and a coupe hair pin curves.  As I drove out, the horizon was hazy from the nearby fire. I couldn’t smell the smoke at the time but my clothes smelled of campfire when I got home.

For a lazy day hike proceed to Show Low and go to Fool’s Hollow Lake.  There is a small admission fee ($7) to access the lake and the 3 mile flat hike that goes partially around the lake. The lake is not swimmable but is good for boating and fishing.


Places To Stay in Globe, AZ

A starry night can be enjoyed at the Dream Manor.  It is located on a hill off of Route 60 East and has expansive views.  There are multiple balconies to gaze at the stars and seek clarity… as I did one night.  Some of the rooms have views and kitchenettes not to mention a swimming pool.  They hold weddings on the weekends so book in advance.

Here is the view you can enjoy from Dream Manor.  Wish I could have captured a night shot of all the stars:


For longer stays, head to Pinal Mountain Country Inn.  The owners Peter and Carol are delightful.  They are what good marriages are made of and as pleasant as could be; always there to offer advice without being intrusive.  Carol could have easily been a good girlfriend (BFF) had we grown up together. The two bedroom rustic apartment is situated on their farm of donkeys and Paso fino horses not to mention one dog and one cat.  (Stays of one month or longer only)

For next time

Lake Roosevelt is only a 30 minute drive away off highway 188 north of globe.  You can swim in the lake unlike Fool’s Hollow.

Or enjoy a white water raft adventure or mountain bike ride.  I had all intentions of going on a mountain bike ride.  Nearby Pine Top which is even higher in elevation and with its cooler temps would have made the perfect setting.  The nearby fires had the whole forest completely closed so this never materialized.  Check out Cactus Adventures for guided rides and bike rentals.  They were pleasant to deal with and I hope to get back to ride on a return trip.


Did you enjoy this look into things to do off the beaten path outside Phoenix?  What has been your favorite destination off the beaten path?

All photos were taken by me except the one of Pinal Mountain Country Inn.


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